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PHP is a scripting language that runs on the server and which allows dynamic generation of web pages. PHP to connect to a database to generate the content. PHP allows you to edit data that are pre-entered via a form. PHP allows you to add an amazing amount of functionality to your website.

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PHP is just "part of the puzzle" in designing the website. PHP works in conjunction with HTML to display data on a web page. HTML / CSS is what you see. PHP is the logic that determines what appears on the page.

What is a WEB Programmer?

As a PHP programmer, I can encode interactive web applications that have functionality, not just text and images for reading. For example, with PHP, you can submit data via a form, sign in to a web site, or buy credit card products.   


Examples WEB programming

WEB Forms Processing Database interaction WEB applications.
  • Sending the mail information received from the contact form
  • Data storage in database
  • CMS - Content Management Systems
  • Upload files to server.
  • Tools for entering, changing, and deleting data
  • ECommerce applications
  • Performing Mathematical converted and applying the formula.
  • Keeping information entered by the user.
  • All that can be invented ... ...

Programming a web site

If you need a Web site that contains more than display text and graphics on the page, you will need technologies such as PHP embedded in your website. I understand that you may not know a lot about what needs to be done, but this is exactly what you need to have completed the job. I `ll take care of it taking you through the process of making the necessary technology for your website to create the functionality that you need. Contact me to discuss your web project.

Web hosting services, you do not have to worry about them

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