Software Development Agency  – IT Works RS, Belgrade

Tax Id Num: 108780281

Company ID: 63697273

Bank account: 160-0000000420167-90
Banca Intesa ad Beograd

few basic facts:
I am a self-employed individual. This means I don’t have a steady paycheck, I pay my own taxes, I pay for my own benefits (health, vacation, bonuses, sick days).
I work in my home-office, almost always alone (unless I take temporarily relocate my office to local cafe).

I don’t employ full-time staff.’ I don’t keep a regular payroll. I don’t have employees who work solely for my business.

I do hire sub-contractors I find that when taking on larger, more complex projects, it’s best to bring in talented specialists to deliver certain pieces of the projects.
For example, I might hire a designer to do the site mockups and a developer to handle the CMS integration, while I do project management and fill in the gaps in the workload.
Some projects I handle all of the work myself. Others, I assemble a mini-team.

vladimirkonrad@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/vladimir.konrad.bg https://rs.linkedin.com/in/vladimir-konrad-2a128243 Github